Main topics:

Story: Local Café Entrepreneur
Main topic: Bringing his passion to life
Dream: To grow his business while keeping the character
Highlight: how many coffees he drinks per day!

John Kamel #CoffeeLover

Main topics:

Story: pursuing his vocation, the fulfilment of a dream
Main topic: Tibetan medicine: healing as a form of art
Dream: to keep body and soul in harmony
Highlight: empathy

Aleksej Zasuhin #DieKunstDesHeilens

Main topics:

History: From New York to Berlin
Main topic: Insurance for expats
Dream: Mutual respect
Special: Becoming a licensed insurance professional

John Ismailoglu #ProtectorAndConnector

Main topics:

Story: Getting started without a degree
Main topic: Communication on social media
Dream: Taking responsibility
Highlight: Defiant millennial

Dina Brandt #MillenialsInTheWorkplace

Main topics:

Story: Swabia to Berlin
Main Topic: founding scene
Dream: streamlining accounting
Highlight: everything for your purpose

Bettina Fischer #Purpose

Main topics:

Story: New horizons – motherhood & hypergrowth
Main Topic: Hypergrowth phase in a company
Dream: Diversity & safety for her child
Highlight: Working at TikTok

Anna Jakovleva #PerspectiveMatters

Main topics:

Story: Turkey – Russia – Berlin
Main Topic: Digital Transformation
Dream: Living in Berlin
Highlight: „F*ck-Up Nights“ & failure culture

Can Adiguzel #PeraAsperaAdAstra

Main topics:

Story: Climate depression to climate innovation
Main topic: Climate Neutrality
Dream: Impact within a decade
Highlight: Life in the „Berlin Bubble“

Lara Obst #EmpowerImpact

Main topics:

Story: Ethnologist turned writer
Main topic: Writing as a craft
Dream: Living instead of projects
Highlight: Advice for aspiring authors

Susanne Weiss #SchreibenAlsLebenskunst

Topic focus:

India – Dubai – Berlin
Study & Career in Germany
Networking as an expat

Amit Herekar #CareerEurope