Main topics:

Engineering Manager to Piano Teacher
Getting used to the way of life in Germany
Embracing the culture

Susan Warner #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Language trainer for technical English
Getting your profession recognised
Giving Germany a fighting chance

Mariana Ramirez #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Story: Mexican by choice makes art
Main topic: Creative Entrepreneurship
Dream: A cello and a hug from life
Highlight: Sustainable coffee production

Ariane Vera #ShareYourColours

Main topics:

Story: Ethnologist turned writer
Main topic: Writing as a craft
Dream: Living instead of projects
Highlight: Advice for aspiring authors

Susanne Weiss #SchreibenAlsLebenskunst

Main topics:

Story:Polish Fryderyk Award participant
Main topic: Jazz music
Dream: Happy humanity means love
Highlight: International Women’s Day

Ania Szarmach #MusicIsMyDaughter

Lucia Peraza Rios
Main topics:

Story: German-Cuban Friendship
Main topic: Creativity Meets Entrepreneurship
Passion: Theatre
Highlight: Berlin – The Other Germany

Lucia Peraza Rios #Persönlich