Berliner Zinner featuring Mehlhose

International Kiez Talk with Daniel and Olaf
30 minutes – uncut

Ariel Gala #Aufstehen

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Painting: Marita Eley

Berliner Zinner featuring Mehlhose

It is fascinating how different everyone’s life journey can be – and how several different life choices can still all lead to happiness and success. From our guests we find out the influences they had and the decisions they made that have significantly impacted their professional careers. The Berlin Zinner symbolises a place of exchange – with its many doors, trusting atmosphere and open minded people. It is our hope that in this environment interesting and stimulating discussions will take place that will inspire our listeners and, ideally, provide them with guidance for their own ventures or careers.


Our podcast is the result of a range of conversations with entrepreneurs and creative people from our community. Our primary goal is to understand what a successful strategy looks like for our guests – and what factors, skills and processes have contributed to their success in business. This is why we decided to regularly invite and speak with entrepreneurs from Berlin in order to find out the hows and the whys of their success.

Berlin is on the move. The city is known throughout the world for its creative spirit, entrepreneurial courage and a strong hands-on mentality. Beyond that, Berlin stands for values such as internationality, sharing ideas and cooperation. We have combined these unique features in a single model.

Berliner Zimmer

The Berliner Zimmer (Berlin Room) is a unique characteristic of a Berlin apartment from the 19th and 20th centuries. It connects either the front or the rear of the building with its wings. Although it is a large room, there is only one corner window to the courtyard.

Traditionally, this room was used as a lounge or reception area. Noble families used it as a library, or a dining or music room. If the flat was small, it would sometimes serve as both the living room and the study in one. It is said that the idea for this room in Berlin came from Karl Friedrich Schinkel.

To this day the Berliner Zimmer has remained a part of Berlin’s housing culture. In most cases it is a quiet living room with a view of the backyard garden. For this reason it is often used as a bedroom or living room. If the apartment is small, sometimes there is also a kitchen or a bathroom built into this room.
Because of its unusually large size, many entrances and the unique lighting effects, creativity in design and utilisation is sometimes required. Combined with the height of the room, the stucco ceiling, the parquet flooring and personal style, every one of these rooms in Berlin is unique. Its unique charm makes it the centrepiece of sought-after flats in old buildings.


International Kiez Talk
Main topics:

Story: Podcast from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
Main topic: Entry into entrepreneurship
Dream: initiate positive change
Highlight: international stories from Berlin

Interview Daniel & Olaf

Main topics:

Story: Entrepreneurial journey
Main Topic: Entrepreneurship, internationality
Dream: Pushing forward with FC Lok Leipzig
Highlight: Football VP

Ariel Gala #Aufstehen

Main topics:

History: Mechanical engineering
Main topic: The success of Zeha Shoes
Dream: To have more time for the essentials in life
Special: Commitment to social projects

Alex Barré #Shoepreneur

Main topics:

History: Germany to New Zealand and back again
Main topic: Quality education
Dream: Effective educational landscape
Special: Feeling like a stranger in your homeland

Cynthia Werner #TransnationalProtagonist

Main topics:

History: Work experience in Big4; Self-employed tax consultant in Switzerland
Main topic: Tax consultancy/Self-employment
Dream: Continue to build the business to achieve their goals together with customers; invest time in the family.
Special: Tips for a good start as a self-employed person

Tabea Nyfeler #EmpoweringMobility

Main topics:

History: Moved from the USA and developed various ventures with passion
Topic Focus: International opera singer, vocal teacher, author
Dream: Discovering people with prodigious talent worldwide and raising them
Special: Teacher of Beyoncé: Recognising extraordinary talents and supporting them properly

David Lee Brewer #TheVoiceDoctor

Main topics:

History: From Transylvania to Berlin
Main topic: Company founder and CEO of elim. App.
Dream: To successfully release a globally available app.
Special: Gender Studies – what is it?

Vicki Kormesch #CultivateRelationships

Main topics:

History: Moving from the “old” to the “new” economy
Focus: Advantages and disadvantages of remote work
Dream: financial independence
Special: Living in the U.S.

Andreas Ditsche #LeadingChange

Main topics:

Story: Multi-talented founder
Main focus: Adaptive and inclusive children’s clothing
Dream: Doing new things to “stay awake”
Special: Mastering the balancing act between family and self-actualization and why her camera experience helped her as a female founder

Lina Phyllis Falkner #FashionWithPurpose

Main topics:

Story: World Citizen and Procurement Ninja
Main topic: Intrapreneurship vs Entrepreneurship
Dream: become a best-in-class procurement organisation
Highlight: his career at Zalando and investing in startups

Alejandro Basterrechea #ProcurementforEveryone

Main topics:

Story: Local Café Entrepreneur
Main topic: Bringing his passion to life
Dream: To grow his business while keeping the character
Highlight: how many coffees he drinks per day!

John Kamel #CoffeeLover

Main topics:

Story: Helping women understand crypto
Main topic: FemmeCapital crypto for women
Dream: make FemmeCapital international
Highlight: Career journey

Elisa Albrecht #CryptoforWomen

Main topics:

Story: pursuing his vocation, the fulfilment of a dream
Main topic: Tibetan medicine: healing as a form of art
Dream: to keep body and soul in harmony
Highlight: empathy

Aleksej Zasuhin #DieKunstDesHeilens

Main topics:

History: From New York to Berlin
Main topic: Insurance for expats
Dream: Mutual respect
Special: Becoming a licensed insurance professional

John Ismailoglu #ProtectorAndConnector

Main topics:

Story: Getting started without a degree
Main topic: Communication on social media
Dream: Taking responsibility
Highlight: Defiant millennial

Dina Brandt #MillenialsInTheWorkplace

Main topics:

Story: Swabia to Berlin
Main Topic: founding scene
Dream: streamlining accounting
Highlight: everything for your purpose

Bettina Fischer #Purpose

Main topics:

Story: New horizons – motherhood & hypergrowth
Main Topic: Hypergrowth phase in a company
Dream: Diversity & safety for her child
Highlight: Working at TikTok

Anna Jakovleva #PerspectiveMatters

Main topics:

Story: Finance for a better future
Main topic: Sustainable investment
Dream: A good sleep for his son
Highlight: Acknowledge one‘s privilege

Tillmann Lang #InvestForABetterWorld

Main topics:

Story: Turkey – Russia – Berlin
Main Topic: Digital Transformation
Dream: Living in Berlin
Highlight: „F*ck-Up Nights“ & failure culture

Can Adiguzel #PeraAsperaAdAstra

Main topics:

Story: Climate depression to climate innovation
Main topic: Climate Neutrality
Dream: Impact within a decade
Highlight: Life in the „Berlin Bubble“

Lara Obst #EmpowerImpact

Main topics:

Story: Happiness is teachable
Main topic: Happiness coaching
Dream: Experiencing joy
Highlight: Animal communication

Shilpaa Chogle #HappyForNoReason

Main topics:

Story: Mexican by choice makes art
Main topic: Creative Entrepreneurship
Dream: A cello and a hug from life
Highlight: Sustainable coffee production

Ariane Vera #ShareYourColours

Main topics:

Story: East-West Entrepreneurship
Main topic: Authenticity in business
Dream: A big family
Highlight: The power of vulnerability

Andrei Stoleriu #BusinessTransformation

Main topics:

Story: Ethnologist turned writer
Main topic: Writing as a craft
Dream: Living instead of projects
Highlight: Advice for aspiring authors

Susanne Weiss #SchreibenAlsLebenskunst

Main topics:

Story: Modern explorer
Main topic: Nano technology
Dream: Improving the world
Highlight: Desire to learn

Miriam Janke #BreakingOutOfSociety

Main topics:

History: Ukraine – World – Berlin
Focus: Intrapreneur and Women Empowerment
Dream: Learn – Disrupt – Create
Special: Cinderella Story

Nina Levchuk #Innovation

Main topics:

History: From engineer to entrepreneur
Main topic: Consulting and innovation promotion
Dream: Purpose and action in harmony
Special: Selfcare is Healthcare

Jörg Rupp #UnternehmerMitHerz

Main topics:

History: Entrepreneur with 15 years
Main topic: Intuitive management consulting
Dream: Creativity and constructiveness
Special: Music is meditation

Henri Meijer #DiscoverBlindSpots

Main topics:

History: Kiev – Ireland – Berlin
Main topic: Social Media
Dream: Strengthen women-owned companies
Special: Entrepreneurship in Eastern Europe

Karolina Attspodina #Fempreneur

Main topics:

History: From rural child to federal politician
Main topic: Secretary General from the Kiez
Dream: Experience the diversity of the world
Special: Social media in politics

Lars Klingbeil #MoinHierIstLars

Main topics:

Story: French exile in Berlin
Main Topic: Working Mum in Berlin
Dream: Ironman at home
Highlight: Digitization and Mobility

Kathi Hammerschmitt #LifeLongLearner

Main topics:

Story: Indian hairdresser founds start-up
Main topic: Relocation Services
Dream: promoting human potential
Highlight: New start in Germany

Nameeta Mundra #ProblemSolver

Main topics:

Story: Austria – USA – Berlin
Main topic: Cosmopolitan becomes a self-made socialpreneur
Dream: Promoting the potential of young women
Highlight: Experience and growth

Karin Heinzl #FemaleEmpowerment

Main topics:

Story: Transylvanian Business Visionary
Main Topic: Digital transformation in Eastern Europe
Dream: Expand Romania’s business potential
Highlight: Europe after socialism

Stefan Koritar #SeekForMore

Main topics:

Story: communicative Canadian in Berlin
Main topic: life & career coaching
Dream: to honour your authentic identity as a local as well as global citizen
Highlight: philosophy of language

Catherine Lejtenyi #AtHomeInTheWorld

Main topics:

Story: Barcelona – Hamburg – Berlin?
Main topic: Financial coaching for expats
Dream: The balance between give and take
Highlight: from a cook to a financial advisor

Alicia Aswani #RockingFinance

Main topics:

Story: from India to Berlin
Main topic: Career Mentoring for Expats
Dream: Long term happiness in Berlin
Highlight: Openness is efficiency

Arun Mahajan #CareerMentor

Main topics:

Story: Montreal – Berlin – and still here
Main topic: from veterinary medicine to pet food innovation
Dream: environmentally friendly dog food
Highlight: Founding a company as a team

Véronique Glorieux #ChampionOfSustainability

Main topics:

History: US-American supports expats in Berlin
Main topic: Global Mobility Industry
Highlight: International Community in Berlin

Victoria Messer #ExpatExpert

Main topics:

Story: Parisian Haute Cuisine comes to Berlin
Main topic: Gastronomy is a way of life
Highlight: Berlin – Bureaucracy lite

Régis Lamazère #Bistronomy

Main topics:

Story: a Spaniard in Berlin
Main topic: sustainable dog food industry
Highlight: Party – all the time

Gema Aparicio #BelieveInImpact

Main topics:

Story: from Husum through detours to Berlin
Main topic: Medical
Highlight: Work-Life-Science-Balance

Dr. med. Anya Miller #FrauMitMut

Lubomila Jordanova
Main topics:

Story: Founder of a Sustainable Start-up
Main topic: Stopping Climate Change
Dream: Creating a Sustainable Future
Hightlight: German Mentality

Lubomila Jordanova #NoPlanB

Main topics:

Story:Polish Fryderyk Award participant
Main topic: Jazz music
Dream: Happy humanity means love
Highlight: International Women’s Day

Ania Szarmach #MusicIsMyDaughter

Main topics:

Story:Belarus’s social transformation
Main topic: Housing Contextualize
Dream: Free thinking and tolerant children
Highlight: Urban village

Arnt von Bodelschwingh #HousingKnowledge

Main topics:

Story: From New York to Berlin
Main topic: The Art of Framing
Dream: Integration and Freedom
Highlight: Entrepreneurship Meets Anti-capitalism

Claire D’Orsay #DreamerBerlin

Ilja Gendelmann
Main topics:

Story: From the Soviet Union to West Berlin
Main topic: Architecture
Highlight: Russian-Jewish Society in Berlin

Ilja Gendelmann #GerneBerliner

Timur Stein
Main topics:

Story: From the Soviet Union to East Berlin
Main topic: Mobility
Dream: Surfer
Highlight: Climate activism

Timur Linde #SurfingDude

Lucia Peraza Rios
Main topics:

Story: German-Cuban Friendship
Main topic: Creativity Meets Entrepreneurship
Passion: Theatre
Highlight: Berlin – The Other Germany

Lucia Peraza Rios #Persönlich

Main topics:

Story: West Berlin – Growing Up in a Divided City
Main topic: Physical and Mental Fitness
Dream: Staying Fit up until old age
Highlight: Social Change

Junia Keutel #TrainHardEatSmart

Main topics:

Story: Young entrepreneurs from Berlin
Main topic: helping Berlin’s retail trade
Highlight: the coronavirus

Karsten Kossatz #HelfenBerlin


We use various media to react quickly to current developments and place them in their social context.

The Berliner Zinner stands for values such as internationality, diversity and integration. That is why we support Ania Szarmach and her “Hope” song with our expertise.


In our interview series, we asked Berlin-based entrepreneurs about the economic consequences and any lessons they could learn from the Corona crisis.


Together with our neighbourhood friend Lucia Peraza Rios, we have developed a five-step consulting approach called the Berlin Model. This includes the insights and influences that we have gathered in our discussions with Berlin entrepreneurs and creative professionals.





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