Main topics:

Story: Moving from UK to Spain
Main Topic: Courage in global mindset
Dream: Global understanding
Highlight: Overcoming mindset challenges

Mehibe Hill #GlobalMindset

Main topics:

Story: Expat child in own country
Main Topic: Intercultural bridges
Dream: Justice for all
Highlight: The Global Rockstar Album

Angie Weinberger #GlobalMindset

Main Topics:

Story: Cultural exchange & enrichment
Main Topic: Positivity in society & business
Dream: Conquer the world with happiness
Highlight: Social responsibility of leaders

Shilpaa Chogle #GlobalMindset

Main topics:

Story: From Global Mobility to People Mobility
Main topic: Global Collaboration
Dream: Solve global crises
Highlight: TEDxTalk

Daniel Zinner #GlobalMindset

Main topics:

Study to Employment journey
Cultural differences between East & West
Always challenge the status quo

Loukik Modi #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Student life in Germany
Studying successfully during the pandemic
Perfectly preparing expat studies

Shwathi Srinivasan #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Shifting abroad as a family
The German schooling system
Language learning as a life skill

Shilpaa Chogle #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Story: Happiness is teachable
Main topic: Happiness coaching
Dream: Experiencing joy
Highlight: Animal communication

Shilpaa Chogle #HappyForNoReason

Topic focus:

Hashtag initiative #CareerEurope
Collaboration with Berliner Zinner
What makes Europe appealing?

Intro Kristina & Anu

Topic focus:

India – Dubai – Berlin
Study & Career in Germany
Networking as an expat

Amit Herekar #CareerEurope