Main topics:

Story: Local Café Entrepreneur
Main topic: Bringing his passion to life
Dream: To grow his business while keeping the character
Highlight: how many coffees he drinks per day!

John Kamel #CoffeeLover

Main topics:

Engineering Manager to Piano Teacher
Getting used to the way of life in Germany
Embracing the culture

Susan Warner #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Story: Helping women understand crypto
Main topic: FemmeCapital crypto for women
Dream: make FemmeCapital international
Highlight: Career journey

Elisa Spiess #CryptoforWomen

Main Topics:

Story: Cultural exchange & enrichment
Main Topic: Positivity in society & business
Dream: Conquer the world with happiness
Highlight: Social responsibility of leaders

Shilpa Moghe #GlobalMindset

Main topics:

Story: what the future of work, the “new work” will bring
Main Topic: How the internet and the pandemic changed work-life
Dream: building a diverse and international work environment
Highlight: the VUCA world we live in…

Inga Höltmann #Global Mindset

Main topics:

Story: First African Consulting Platform
Main Topic: Development & Entrepreneurship
Dream: Skilling Africa’s Economy
Highlight: Political dimensions of business

Glory Enyinnaya #GlobalMindset

Main topics:

International student journey
Searching for a job in Germany
Committing to German culture

Nikola Radinovic #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Story: pursuing his vocation, the fulfilment of a dream
Main topic: Tibetan medicine: healing as a form of art
Dream: to keep body and soul in harmony
Highlight: empathy

Aleksej Zasuhin #DieKunstDesHeilens

Main topics:

Study to Employment journey
Cultural differences between East & West
Always challenge the status quo

Loukik Modi #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Mastering expat life
Benefits of employment in Germany
Understanding and integrating in German culture

Steffi Montague #CareerEurope