Main topics:

History: Germany to New Zealand and back again
Main topic: Quality education
Dream: Effective educational landscape
Special: Feeling like a stranger in your homeland

Cynthia Werner #TransnationalProtagonist

Main topics:

History: Moving from the “old” to the “new” economy
Focus: Advantages and disadvantages of remote work
Dream: financial independence
Special: Living in the U.S.

Andreas Ditsche #LeadingChange

Main topics:

Student life in Germany
Studying successfully during the pandemic
Perfectly preparing expat studies

Shwathi Srinivasan #CareerEurope

Main topics:

The world is an adventure
Financial Guide for Expats
Succeed in Germany

Alicia Aswani #CareerEurope

Main topics:

Story: communicative Canadian in Berlin
Main topic: life & career coaching
Dream: to honour your authentic identity as a local as well as global citizen
Highlight: philosophy of language

Catherine Lejtenyi #AtHomeInTheWorld

Lucia Peraza Rios
Main topics:

Story: German-Cuban Friendship
Main topic: Creativity Meets Entrepreneurship
Passion: Theatre
Highlight: Berlin – The Other Germany

Lucia Peraza Rios #Persönlich