Main topics:

Story: Podcast from entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs
Main topic: Entry into entrepreneurship
Dream: initiate positive change
Highlight: international stories from Berlin

Interview Daniel & Olaf

Main topics:

Story: work-life after the pandemic
Main Topic: the future of “new work”
Dream: build a diverse work environment
Highlight: the VUCA world we live in…

Inga Höltmann #GlobalMindset

Main topics:

Moving to another continent
Found new passion in writing
Quality life in Germany

Simone Woods #CareerEurope

Topic focus:

Hashtag initiative #CareerEurope
Collaboration with Berliner Zinner
What makes Europe appealing?

Intro Kristina & Anu

Main topics:

Story: Indian hairdresser founds start-up
Main topic: Relocation Services
Dream: promoting human potential
Highlight: New start in Germany

Nameeta Mundra #ProblemSolver

Main topics:

Story: Montreal – Berlin – and still here
Main topic: from veterinary medicine to pet food innovation
Dream: environmentally friendly dog food
Highlight: Founding a company as a team

Véronique Glorieux #ChampionOfSustainability

New Work Expertin
„Ich helfe mit, die Arbeitswelt neu zu denken“

Inga Höltmann, Gründerin Accelerate Academy

Will freelancing be the work model of the future? We will be looking at the current situation from a European perspective and provide an outlook for the coming years.


Timur Stein
Main topics:

Story: From the Soviet Union to East Berlin
Main topic: Mobility
Dream: Surfer
Highlight: Climate activism

Timur Linde #SurfingDude