Daniel Zinner #BerlinerZinner

Co-founder Daniel Zinner #BerlinerZinner

Born in Saxony in 1979, I experienced firsthand the intense impact reunification had on East Germany. It shaped my understanding of euphoric change, courage and experimentation on one hand, and the fear of disenfranchisement and endless comparison on the other. These experiences still drive me today to confront and improve everything that comes my way. I am an entrepreneur, a consultant and a passionate networker, and have been involved in projects in corporate and medium-sized businesses for over 20 years. In my 9 years in Berlin I have learned to turn internationalisation and speed into business success. How do other entrepreneurs from Berlin define success? Is there any way we can use their experiences in our work? The podcast series Berliner Zinner featuring Mehlhose from around the city is something I am truly excited about.