Isabella #FoodTechie

Strategy Ambassador Isabella #FoodTechie

I am from New York originally, but have lived in Berlin for the last three years. I love the cultural mix of people from all different countries, plus the creatives from the art, music, and food scenes that give the city its spirit. I met Daniel at the beginning of 2020 during a project in the tech industry, and we decided to work together again in the future. No sooner said than done: Since March I am in charge of the strategy of the Berliner Zinner Podcast. I am excited to learn more about how to develop a podcast, but also meet other international entrepreneurs who have made Berlin their home. My background is in international sustainable development and agriculture, and I have spent my career helping scale food and agricultural technology startups to help combat climate change. I am especially interested in learning about entrepreneurs and small business owners in this field, and maybe hosting an interview of my own in the future!